Pelikan pencil 14 carat gold – model 750 – VERY RARE ITEM

Golden 14 carat Pelikan pencil model 750 very rare collectors item

Pelican golden pencil model 750 catalog 1953We offer for sale, for a customer, a rare gold pencil (mechanical pencil) from the brand Pelikan. It is a 14 carat version which is also marked in the pencil with the characteristics 14C and 585.

We have been able to find this pencil, which was made only for a certain period, in the Pelikan catalog from 1953. And as you can see there was no price, and golden Pelikan pencil was made ‘on request’. We also started looking for this pencil on the various sales platforms, but we couldn’t find it anywhere.
We have also been in contact with various experts in this field and they were all very positive about the fact that we had this pencil.
We were searching for hours to find Pelikan pencils. A nice selection of Pelikan pencils is offered for sale, but we have not come across this golden Pelikan one. We found out that there is at least 1 person in the world who also has this Pelikan golden pencil in his collection. So you can also become the owner of this fairly rare collector’s item.
Golden Pelikan pencil; a unique writing item from the last century!

The state is good. It was a writing tool but pencil is free of dents and damage.


  • The pencil is for sale, so if you are interested you can contact us.
  • If you want to see the pencil, this is of course possible. Please make an appointment because we only work by appointment.
  • Shipping costs are for the buyer and are determined in consultation with the buyer.


Picture of Pelikan catalogue comes from Pelikan specialist Dominic Rothemel.
You can visit the website by clicking this link!

Golden Pelican pencil 14 carat RARE collectors item
14 carat (585) golden pencil form pelican. Model 750. Very Rare collectors item!!!